NASA films a giant CUBE UFO That Keeps Returning to our SUN….Why?

No one knows what this ginormous cube UFO is doing out there, but it keeps coming back to its position in front of our Sun.

No, we’re not sure it’s a Borg Cube, but that doesn’t mean its intentions are benign.

The enormous cube-shaped UFO was spotted near our Sun on December 22 by myunhauzen74 of YouTube, a conspiracy theorist known for his stance on NASA and the truth he believes they keep hidden.

In the photos released by NASA’s SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory), a cube the size of Earth can be seen hovering near the star that gives us warmth. While some speculate that the cuboid shape is the result of NASA censorship done to hide the actual craft, there are others who invoke pretty convincing arguments in favor of the cube UFO hypothesis.

According to UFO hunter Scott Waring, the object in the photos appears to reflect sunlight and therefore must be a solid object.


This Giant Cube UFO Keeps Returning to our Sun. Why?


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